Monday, January 16, 2017

Islamist Attacks on Catholic Statues -- Prayerbooks Burned

[journalistenwach] In Brühl, in the night of December 30, the parish center was broken into. The walls were smeared with Islamic slogans, doors broken and glass panes destroyed. The officials offered a picture of the devastation, despite the Islamic slogans, the police do not assume a "situation requiring federal intervention."

It was not the only an attack on Christian communities around the turn of the year.

In Austria statues were destroyed in a chapel in Saint Radegund near Graz. The figures were beheaded. Prayer books burned.

In Auerbach in Upper Austria the glass boxes were crushed by two Marian figures and 22 murals were stolen. They were burned in a nearby forest.

Within a short distance, perpetrators broke into a chapel, stole a statue of Christ and decapitated the statue of Saint Barbara. They caused damage in excess of 5000 Euros alone.

It was only in November that Christian figures were repeatedly damaged in public places in the Westphalian town of Dülmen. The noses and fingers had been torn off; in some cases monuments were also beheaded.

In all the cases there are no suspects being apprehended, but a culprit ap motive has been suspected.

Trans: Tancred


  1. Welcome to the future! We are getting just what we deserve.


    1. Anonymous, We may deserve this but Christ and his Church does not. We must defend the glory of Christ's Holy Roman Catholic Church.

    2. It truly is amazing this happening because Catholics from the West would beaten to death in the Muslim nations if they were having a rosary procession in one of the 22 Arab states.
      No one fears the white former Christian race anymore.
      Heck there were white women in Europe holding signs saying
      "Will trade racists for rapists"
      This led to men asking the question if women are tired of equality and yearn for traditional religious types like Muslims.
      I don't have the answers but it certainly made me wonder if women love militant masculine Muslims over moderate modern secular European males?

    3. Trading racists for rwpists?!?? That's INSANE!!!

    4. Not everyone deserve this Karl.There are devout holy souls in our world today.I personally know a few of them.
      Its my belief the few scattered holy devout righteous souls are what's holding back God's wrath.
      Hopefully one day I will be among them.

  2. I think God is allowing this because the Novus Ordo is an abomination.

  3. Islam has declared war on Christianity. When will Catholics fight back, after all Islam is claiming we Catholics have started another Crusade. Lets give it to them. Lets burn the diabolical Koran's, bring down the Mosque's of the Infidels. How much more will we take? Will we wait for Catholic Europe to become an Islamic Europe. Islam has been given too many rights and no rights for Christians.

    1. We don't have leaders and any potential leader will most likely hold the R&R or Sedevacantist position.
      The Novus Ordo crowd will recoil in horror with chants of "heretic" "obey the Council" etc..
      We Catholics are a kingdom divided against itself.
      The Couldenhove-Kalergi plan has been around since the early 1930's.
      Bella Dodd said 2,000 communist agents were sent into the seminary in the 1930's.So,the "men" in charge of the institutional church at this point are the 2nd & 3rd generation infiltrators or blinded by a non-catholic ecumenical seminary education.
      Both of these points go hand in hand.In order to destroy a civilization,the Church's enemies found it easier to destroy from within while simultaneously sending in hordes of illiterate pagans to do the muscle work.

  4. It would be a good idea to put guards in the parishes where there are repeated incidents.Like the knights that used to guard sacred places in the Holy land back in the day.There are probably men who would not ask much money for guarding.

  5. Look what Europe has become. When we fight against and defeat pornography, immoral films and TV, immoral shops on our high streets, Sunday shopping and working, lack of observance of abstinence on Fridays, the obsession with abortion, divorce, lack of new Priests, decline in marraige, immoral scientific projects and evil institutions in our midst. When we begin to fight for the recognition of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church as the one true faith. Then and only then will the West be able to do anything to stop the onslaught. Jesus is the only way Europe can save itself now.

    1. Start fasting after midnight for holy Communion.
      I didn't do this until 2 years ago.Abandoning the after midnight holy communion fast was sacrilege. This small sacrifice will give the Catholics graces we haven't received since Pius XII changed it circa mid 1950's.
      Pass the word and encourage everyone you know to do the same!! God bless you all.

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